Where it began…

A bit about me and where it began.

I’m Katie, I started Kreativ Design over 5 years ago by accident. My chosen career was a teacher, for many years teaching design technology to teenage boys mainly GCSE and A level, fun times despite the smell. There were many aspects of the job I loved, who wouldn’t love 12 weeks holiday a year! (those who are teachers or work in schools will know that’s sarcasm)

I’m going to blow my own trumpet now but I was a good teacher. I got really good results year after year despite the lack of funding and lack of importance put on creative subjects. But for way too many reasons to write, and I seriously didn’t start a blog to moan about politics and SLT in schools, I decided to leave and start my own venture. It actually happened quite quickly. In a nutshell I made myself a new house sign as the ones I found online just were not my taste. Far too traditional for my liking. My design style has always been simple, with a little difference. My friend Amanda liked my sign and asked for one too, another friend Claire was moving home and I saw it as a great opportunity for a new home present and some design development, so she was forced to have one. Word spread and the time between me making those few and deciding to quit teaching was litterally a few months.

There’s lots of history on how the company developed, many, many ups and downs but I won’t bore you with that at the mo (I’ll save that when I can’t think of anything else to share) so for now I have a huge list of topics and inspo to share.

Photo of my first sign for our home.