Personalised Christmas baubles / Tags in the cold!

Personalised Christmas baubles / Tags in the cold!

Spent quite some time today making these for my lovely friend/customer.

They are time consuming to cut.  Very fiddly and lots of stop start.  

It was -1 centigrade when I started outside this morning and did not get above 2 degrees all day.  Not pleasant to work in an outbuilding in those temps! (Note to self, get Dad to sort out some insulation asap!) 

The laser will obviously burn the wood as it cuts.  I use laser ply, which has different resins but these still smoke and will char the edges of the wood as is cuts. As the extraction draws the smoke out of the cutting bed the smoke will drag along the surface causing dirty/singe marks.  There are ways to avoid it, but as mentioned above it means cutting, sanding, engraving in different stages and takes lots of time.

My friend was really please though, she's going to be giving lots as little presents instead of Christmas cards. 

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