Adding Kerb Appeal with Signage: Swing, Plant, and Number Your Way to the Top!

Ah, Kerb appeal: that magical quality your home or business has (or doesn’t have) that can make neighbours and customers slow down for a good look or potential buyers drive by without a second glance. But fear not, Kerb connoisseurs! You can significantly enhance your street charm with a few clever signage tricks. Let’s dive into the world of swing signs, large planters with house numbers, and snazzy door numbers. It’s time to make your Kerb appeal pop, wow, and maybe even do a little dance.

Swing Signs: The Sway of the Stay

Remember the old-world charm of quaint inn signs swinging gently in the breeze? Why not bring a bit of that storybook appeal to your own frontage? Installing a swing sign can add a whimsical touch to your property, whether you’re advertising your penchant for gardening or simply showcasing your family’s name in ornate script.

But the real trick is in the swing. Choose a sign that complements your home's architecture. Got a modern minimalist house? A sleek, simple design on your swing sign can make a bold statement. Living in a cozy cottage-style home? Go for scrollwork and more elaborate, rustic themes. Just be sure it’s readable from the road—no one likes a mystery when they’re trying to find your house for the first time.  We can accommodate any style you choose, whilst the website is full of modern simple designs we are always happy to look at more ornate designs.

Large Planters with Numbers: Go Big or Go Home

If you’re not using your green thumb to boost your Kerb appeal, you’re missing out. Large planters with your house numbers attached on them not only make it clear where you live but also invite admiration (and perhaps a little envy). Think about it: who wouldn’t want to gaze at a beautifully lush planter that cleverly doubles as a functional sign?  It’s a good way to personalise them and hopefully deter theft due to the permanent sign attached.

Choose planters that match or complement your home's exterior and fill them with plants that will thrive in your local climate. Low-maintenance perennials? Check. Evergreen shrubs? Double-check. The bigger the numbers, the easier it is for people to spot your home from the street. This isn’t just practical; it’s a style statement. Imagine the Instagram potential!  These could be digits or words.

Door Numbers: The Devil’s in the Details

Sometimes, the smallest changes make the biggest impact. Updating your door numbers can be a game-changer for your home's Kerb appeal. Forget those standard numbers you can find at any hardware store; custom is the way to go. Choose fonts that scream (or politely state) your personality and style. Are you elegant and sophisticated? Maybe some italicized script is your thing. Or perhaps you’re fun and funky, in which case, why not go for numbers in bold, unexpected colours?

Installation is a breeze. You can either mount them directly on your door with VHB tape or place them creatively around it. Consider surrounding your numbers with a mini frame or backlighting them for a dramatic effect. This not only makes your house numbers visible at night but also adds a touch of high-end elegance to your entrance.

Bonus Tip: Lighting Matters

What’s the use of fabulous signage if no one can see it after the sun goes down? Strategic lighting can enhance your new signs and make sure they’re not only visible at night but also more beautiful. Spotlight your swing sign, illuminate your large planters subtly, and backlight those door numbers. It’s like setting the stage for your home’s nightly performance in the neighbourhood theatre of Kerb appeal.

There you have it—a few fun and creative ways to boost your Kerb appeal with signage. Whether it’s the gentle sway of a swing sign, the lush allure of a planter, or the chic sophistication of custom door numbers, these elements can help your home stand out in the best way possible. And remember, in the world of Kerb appeal, it’s all about making that first impression count. So why not make it fun, fabulous, and, most importantly, uniquely yours?