The first blog attempt - Design companions.

It's taken me 5 years to write this. Well, get started on a blog at least. The tricky thing is starting it, its not the content that Ive been procrastinated over, its me and my delivery of it. I am not a big blog fan, theres a few I follow, mainly on fashion and design, and are by some really witty writers that can put their thoughts out there entirely as themselves, but choosing to put myself out there is quite scary, so Ive stopped overthinking and will just waffle on regardless of if anyone is actually reading this. I feel the time is right now to start it off and hope that it gives my products a touch of personality in a world that is full faceless giant organisations and mass production.

Square Illuminated LED House Address Sign.

The last year has definitely shown the British public love independent, home grown business, supporting each other when s**t gets real, and its been amazing how much sales have grown. I can only hope that as we emerge from our lockdown online shop-a-thon that the switch back to the online big boys doesnt wane our enthusiasm and you all remember the little business that need support now just as much too.

This blog is hopefully going to give a little insight into me, my values as a business owner,  and also contains lots of my waffle on all things signage and design inspiration for your home.

To start off, a little insight into the personal side of the business. The picture is of my design companion, the Kreativ doggo. He helps me in no way with the business, hes just there for cuteness. Who doesnt love a spaniel?! 

Sprocker Spaniel - Brown and White Roan Spaniel with Pink Nose