Favourite Sign - What a lovely customer

I thought it would be nice to share photos of my favourite signs or products I've made. These may be every week or more or less often. Theres sometimes no specific reason for the design layout to be favourite, it might me I had a really lovely interaction with the customer. Round laser cut house sign with hearts decoration

This sign was made for a really lovely lady who contacted me via Instagram 5 years ago.
 She was a young mum who was rather home obsessed and asked me to make her a sign which included little hearts. After making this sign, which she was thrilled with, she asked me if I would participate in a little online competition she was running which promoted small Instagram businesses, she just starting out on her influencer journey. It was my first interaction of this type and thought I would give it a go. The competition certainly boosted my Instagram followers, as that was part of the rules, but I cant be sure how many orders it actually lead to however, what it did do was lead to more followers for Emma who is also raising awareness of her young daughters plight. Its worth reading about some of her trials and tribulations on her Instagram site. @emmarosee1992 
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